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My story

Starting with my employment at the University Hospital in Graz, Austria, in the outpatients department of metabolic disorders, I have now been working for 27 years researching with my highly dedicated team in the field of body metabolism and metabolism-related diseases, especially obesity (adipositas). Today I manage my own metabolism outpatient department as well as an independent obesity research centre cooperating with other centres and universities both at home and abroad. We have assisted thousands of patients to find once more the fulcrum, or centre of balance, in their lives. 

This is why we have been asked to share the vast and confirmed knowledge that we have gained in the field of successful weight loss with the general public.



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Desmond Doyle

It´s not just about being fat and feeling miserable about it, but uncontrolled it leads to a (...) poor quality of life -  there is always a way out and a second chance.

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Dr. Erwin Ditsios

The program is unique! It has a scientific background AND fits into daily life. This is what a program should be like to bring your life in balance.

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Iris Pestemer

Time is running…. I am still living and loving the "Stop Starving Start Living“ lifestyle. It‘s my longstanding program to stay in the weight balance.


This is not a book about dieting

If you are hoping to find a well-regulated, exactly prescribed diet plan, then this is the wrong book for you. 

This book is intended to be a guideline to a new lifestyle and to an essential change of life.

These changes involve the paradox that we are not advancing, but rather retreating back to our earliest roots.

You will be amazed at how gripping and complex this word "retreat" can be.


Forget everything you have learned about diets and come on a journey back to your roots and to yourself.

This concept is backed up by the following study: Pubmed

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